40th Anniversary For Historical Theater!

Uncle_Jimmy008.jpgDonk's Theater opened its doors in 1975 to provide family friendly entertainment at affordable prices.  Now in its 40th season, the Opry has opened the doors once again!  The OPRY style shows consists of two halves with a brief intermission in between.  The Cast of the Opry is very excited and looks forward to entertaining and mingling with all our visitors during the 2015 season.  Contrary to belief, Donk's Theater is not a bar or a restaurant...although our snack area does sell some mighty tasty popcorn, soda, and other treats.  "Family Friendly" is the key to Donk's success!  When you walk in the doors, you become part of the family!  Feel at home, but please keep your shoes on! 

This is a new look to the www.donkstheater.com website, so please take some time to look around an get familiar with it.  We are still working hard to complete all the work, so you may run into some bumps along your web travels...just know we are working on them.

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